Alvan Blanch is a British manufacturing and project engineering company with a global outlook, specialising in the design, production and supply of quality machines and integrated systems for the primary and secondary processing of agricultural produce and waste materials. We are proud of the reputation we have gained over more than 60 years for the quality of our innovative and reliable products and for the personal service that we give to all of our customers. An exceptionally wide product range encompasses some stages of mechanical processing for most of the world’s crops, varying in scale from individual machines to large-scale industrial projects.


Continuous Double Flow Drier - Animation

Conveyor Drier

Reaper Binder TH1400

Mobile Pineapple Fruit Juice Processing Plant


Finalist at the SHD Logistics Awards 2015

We are pleased to announce that Alvan Blanch are finalist for the Return on Investment Award category at the SHD Logistics Awards 2015.

Farmers Weekly - Alvan Blanch Behind the doors of a British grain-dryer maker

Farmers Weekly - Best of British series: Before starting the farm machinery company that bears his name, Alvan Blanch enjoyed a brief but successful career as an agricultural contractor and sheep shearer....

Alvan Blanch Football Team 2015

In the first game we played some exceptional football, one goal was created by some 20 -30 passes before Reece scored an excellent goal with a wicked curve on it.


Manor Farm. DF25000 Grain Drier, Wallingford

“Our AB drier means it has lengthened our day and cut down on time wasted so we have been able to get on with other work.”

Cocoa drying and cleaning system

... "we are really pleased with this new drier, along with the belt conveyors and cleaning/grading system - it is an excellent system.“

Vladimir Lastochkin, Gorkinskoye Limited, Russia

"I’m very happy with this machine, it is much better than the drier we were working on previous years. I definitely would buy Alvan Blanch drier again."

Anatoliy Stepanov, Sokolovo Limited, Russia

"Alvan Blanch Grain Drier is very high quality machine. It is very appropriate for our tough climate."

Viktor Bucin, Politotdeljskoye Limited, Russia

"Alvan Blanch Grain Drier is very successful investment from my point of view."

Huntly Farm, DF30000S Grain Drier, Dundee

"We’re very, very pleased with the drier and I was most impressed by every aspect of our dealing with Alvan Blanch."

DF12800 Double Flow Grain Drier. Drying high quality basmati rice, with steam heat exchanger

"The results are as good as we had hoped and the driers have performed very reliably”

Stowell Park, DF37000S Grain Drier, Gloucestershire

“The machine certainly does what it is supposed to do."

Loanhead Farm, DF30000S Grain Drier, Perth

“It’s doing everything we expected of it: no-one can fault it."

Isle of wight, Manor Farm

"Having just completed our first harvest with our new Alvan Blanch 25000S, I can confirm a significant saving on fuel costs compared to our old tower drier.  This, I am sure is down to the overall design, but also the personal attention to detail by Andrew Blanch in creating our recirculating heat system, and the overall design by Simon Bird of BK Grain. We are very proud to support this award winning British Manufacturer."