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Significant Recent Projects in the Region

Located on the map are recently completed Alvan Blanch projects. Click on the map markers for further information and photos. View larger map

Recommended Products

Rice Processing | Coffee & Cocoa Processing | Feed milling | Fruit Processing | Specialist Processing | Vegetable Oil & Biodiesel

Market Overview

Although not one of our main sales regions, many contracts have been successfully handled in most of the countries of Asia. Alvan Blanch has over many decades developed a huge range of machinery to meet the needs of farmers and agro-industrialists in tropical regions.

Main Products

In such a huge area with such great diversity of farming styles, climate and economic conditions, there can be no common product line. Our Double Flow Drying System has been well received in Japan, Malaysia and Indonesia for rice, it is also most suitable for many other crops

Industrial drying – of biofuels such as wood chips and of other crops such as sugar cane waste and forage reflect an even greater diversity. Seed cleaning and other on-farm crop processing equipment have been delivered throughout much of the continent. We also supply a wide range of tractor operated farm machinery.

Asia Sales

Simon Shaw
Export Sales
Mobile: +44 (0)7736 378951

Keith Eyles
Industrial Projects
Mobile: +44 (0)7736 378948