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Brushing Leaf Separator

Model: B40

Key Features

  • Suitable for a wide range of medicinal/aromatic herbs
  • For the separation of leaves from stem of whole dry plants
  • Capacity: up to 4m3/hr dried plant (approximately 120kg/hr leaves)
  • Gentle brushing action minimises leaf breakage
  • Calibrates leaf to required size
  • Option of pneumatic separator after brushing

Part of the comprehensive range of high quality herb processing equipment from Alvan Blanch.


The system is designed for the separation of the leaves from the stems of whole dry plants including; Tarragon, Mint, Melissa, Sage and Thyme. It can also be used for calibration purposes, for example to produce a sample of 5mm mint from whole leaves.


The B40 Brushing Machine features a large diameter drum with rotating nylon brushes and spiral flighting within a perforated concave screen (separation area of 2.3 m2).

Variable speed drive to rotor from 2.2 kW motor.

One additional grid of different perforation size is supplied with machine. Additional screens are available.

Adjustable flaps below drum direct leaf on to take away conveyor (if required).

Supplied complete with control panel.

Tubular chassis with four adjustable feet.


The dried whole crop (pre-cutting unnecessary) should be fed to hopper (by conveyor etc.). A separate conveyor is required to take away the graded leaf. Stems are discharged out of end of drum.


M40S – Pneumatic Leaf Separator – for separation of small stem pieces still attached to leaf after brushing. A fan with 0.55 kW motor and adjustable air control slide blows the leaf into settling chamber – heavy product (stem pieces) fall from first outlet and are then separated from leaf.