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Coffee Pulpers

Key Features

  • Capacities ranging from 300 to 1200 Kg/hr
  • Petrol, electric and hand operated units available
  • Simple and effective operation
  • Low maintenance requirements

Drum Pulpers

The Alvan Blanch drum pulper is available in a number of configurations to suit all applications from the simple hand operated unit through to the petrol, diesel and electrically operated units, including twin drum machines.

Principal features of the drum pulpers are:
- Easily adjustable aluminium pulping breast to accommodate all types of coffee
- Durability and light nature combine to help transportation in rural areas
- Large capacity holding hopper
- Self lubricating ol-lite bushes.

In addition to the hand operated model, both sizes can be powered by petrol or electric motors. Hand operated units may be retrospectively converted to powered units by simply adding the desired drive arrangement. In addition, units can be coupled to accommodate future increase in production.

Specifications Shipping Dimensions
Models Drive Speed (rpm) Capacity Manual (Kg) Capacity Powered (Kg) Basic Pulper Pulper c/w electric motor
(HP) (rpm) (Kg) (Kg) (m3) (Kg) (m3) (Kg)
Drum Pulper 1.5 130 300 600 0.052 24 0.2 65
Twin Pulper 1.5 130 600 1200 0.14 48 0.3 90