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Daniel Coulthard, Bluevale Agri Co Pty Ltd, Australia

"We received our drier in mid January this year which was purchased predominantly for the drying of our irrigated maze and wheat crops. Alvan Blanch helped us design the drier to meet our specific dimensional requirements. These were some significant structural, electrical and cosmetic modifications that have allowed us to fit the machine to a modified step deck trailer. Our drier is now fully mobile and self contained with in and out feed conveys, generator, fuel supply and hydraulics. Capable of travelling long distances at speeds up to 100km/hr and easily set up ready to work in under 20 mins.

Having been involved in farming and other businesses we are always skeptical of the claimed capabilities of any machine. With this always an unknown we did a lot of research into all types of driers. We made a trip to New Zealand to look at them work and my father also visited the factory in England.

Reasons we chose the Alvan Blanch!

  • Solid construction
  • Minimal moving parts
  • Their willingness to customise
  • Experience in all climates
  • Capacity
  • Efficiency
  • Grain quality
  • Fire safety
  • Easy operation
  • Crop versatility

We did not want to limit our capability of growing different crops and in turn be limited by harvesting at certain moisture. The chain (positive feed) was a big drawcard to us. Basically if you can auger or convey it, you can dry it. A local continuous flow cascade machine struggles with maize over 26% (I'm told by the owners brother). The chain system guarantees flow.

When people ask how did it perform? I say it did everything they said it would.

We are very happy with our new drier and its capabilities and efficiency.

I have not been paid or persuaded to write this, nor would I put my name to it if I wasn't satisfied with the machine or the service I have received.

Daniel Coulthard, Bluevale Agri Co Pty Ltd

Location: Victoria, Australia