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Key Features

  • Available in two sizes, 15 and 25 T/hr
  • Central outlet to allow grain to bypass De-Awner when not required
  • Suitable for a wide range of cereal products
  • Can be mounted independently or on a new or existing Pre-Cleaner/Grader
  • Adjustment of external weights varies amount of treatment required


Alvan Blanch De-Awners are most commonly used for de-awning of barley. They can also be used for breaking clusters of beet seed, surface polishing of grains and vegetable seeds (improving appearance and bushel weight), removing glume from sorghum etc. The de-awning process is usually carried out immediately grain is fed with an air/screen cleaner in which the loosened awns etc. are removed.



Totally enclosed robust steel case with removable lid. High speed agitator shaft with staggered steel beaters.


Product is fed to the centre of the machine where it is exposed to the thorough action of the rotating beaters. Degree of de-awning (and throughput) is regulated by controlling the weight positions on the outlets. Opening of the central outlet allows grain to pass directly through the machine.

Machine Size 20 50
Max Output Capacity 15 T/hr 25 T/hr
Overall Dimensions mm
Height (inlet to outlet) 488 580
Length 1240 1500
Length including motor 1260 1520
Width 400 486
Width including motor 864 950
Motor Size 5.5kW 18.5kW

Capacities - vary considerably depending on the crop, variety, moisture content, length of storage etc are all factors that can affect capacities and De-Awning efficiency.