Multi-Purpose Driers

Alvan Blanch designs and manufactures a range of fuel efficient continuous flow driers that can process any material and never block. Many businesses from the agricultural, biomass, biogas, AD, waste to energy and other sectors already successfully use our driers on a wide variety of crops and materials. These include digestate, woodchip, grain, paper sludge, wastes, and many others.

Our driers are designed and manufactured at our 9,000 m2 factory. We guarantee ongoing parts which are available for all Alvan Blanch driers.

Multiple-Heat Sources

Our continuous conveyor drier utilises multiple heat sources, such as low grade waste heat, CHP engine heat, biofuels burner, biomass boiler, directly and indirectly. Heat flow is regulated through inverter driven fans so that low temperature drying can be achieved. Alvan Blanch retains the well proven louvered conveyor bed design which guarantees continuous and consistence air flow and further avoids drying bed blockage.

Low Noise & Clean Drying Technique 

An Example of the Products Dried
Alfalfa Grass Seed Paper Sludge
Barley Herbs Pellets
Borage Linseed Rapeseed
Bread Crumbs Lucerne RDF
Bagasse Malted Sorghum Rice
Cocoa Beans MSW Seaweed
Coffee Beans Maize Sunflower
Compost Maize Silage Soya Beans
Cotton Seed Oats Sugar Beet Pulp
Chilli Peppers Plastics Straw
Digestate Poppy Seeds Wheat
Evening Primrose Peas & Beans Woodchip
Grass Potato Peelings Wood Shavings

The use of air baffles and inverter driven fans, has enabled the conveyor drier to operate on a relatively low noise level; and further noise reduction can be achieved by fitting of optional insulated ducts and adjusting the product filling level. Alvan Blanch implement BAT’s to limit ammonia emissions in digestate drying plants which include: dewatering digestate prior to drying process; directing the release of exhaust gas from drier to enable it to be processed; the use of air treatment processes to reduce ammonia concentration in exhaust gas. 












Eligible Heat Use 

As our driers are fully compatible for use with the Government’s RHI (Renewable Heat Incentive) scheme, we will be happy to support you and your clients with the application process by the provision of technical data, layout drawings, financial and thermal calculations etc. We would be pleased to discuss with you on how to optimise your waste heat utilisation on our driers, and to estimate a potential turnover you can make throughout the scheme.

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