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Gravity Separator

Gravity Separator

Key Features

  • Quality separation according to differential in specific weight
  • Simultaneously removes both light and heavy impurities
  • Suits a wide range of applications - most free flowing materials
  • Pressure or vacuum models available
  • Industrial duty - Compact design - Easy maintenance


Seed Cleaning - removal of immature/low germinations/insect damaged seeds from' beans, peas, maize, sunflower, cereals, linseed, oil seed rape, herbage seed, vegetable seeds etc.

Commercial cleaning - improving quality of milling wheat and rye, malting barley, ergot removal etc.

Food processing - coffee, lentils, herbs, spices etc.

Industrial applications - recycling of plastics, metals etc.


Designed for efficient operation and ease of setting. Adjustable valves control the heavy, middling and light product outlets. Adjustable sections include: Side tilt, End raise, Deck speed, Fan speed and Air flow.


For the grading by specific weight of products with very slight differences in size and/or weight, which cannot be separated by screening (width), aspiration (weight) or by indented cylinders (length).

The separator works on a fluidised bed principle; air is forced through the deck causing the light fraction to float above the heavy fraction. The deck is reciprocated causing the heavy fraction to move uphill, while the light fraction floats downhill. Variations in deck speed, air volume, deck material, deck angle (length wise and side wise), and take-off points allow effective separation to be achieved on almost any dry product.


Robustly constructed from mild steel


  • Vibratory feed
  • Full (or partial) dust extraction hood for dusty products
  • Alternate decks to suit range of seeds to be processed
  • Separate dust tight control panel, all pre-wired and incorporating mains isolator, deck drive inverter, fan drive inverter and starters