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Happy Retirement Peter Andrew!

After 12 years of committed service with Alvan Blanch and 53 years working within agriculture, Peter Andrew will be taking full retirement as of the end of this month.

We have been extremely fortunate that Peter chose to spend the final chapter of his working life here at Alvan Blanch.  Since joining us in December 2004 as Area Sales Manager for Northern England/East Midlands, East Anglia and Scotland, Peter played a key role in the rapid expansion of our business in that period (in which we have trebled our annual turnover.) 

Peter has been a prolific salesman, always meeting and exceeding sales targets, even during tough years. 

Peter always maintains that sales work came naturally to him.  His easy Yorkshire charm has certainly been an asset (I will never forget his disarming assertion to many a client from north of the border that "a Yorkshireman is a Scotsman with all the generosity squeezed out of him!")  But there has been far more to Peter’s success than that.  As with all great salespeople Peter has an interest in people and he instinctively works out how best to handle the individual as well as the circumstance.  You have also got to instil confidence that you know what you are talking about when selling, especially in an industry that has no truck with wool pulling and here his long years of experience in the industry came into play. 

As a farmer’s son Peter says he’s ‘got agriculture in his blood’.  Starting his career in engineering he progressed to various positions at Langton’s, eventually moving from production to sales.  He later moved to Brice Baker in 1989 where he established a very successful sales area (we were glad to eventually get him working for us rather than against us!).

In the course of his long career Peter built a huge network of contacts with dealers, agricultural professionals, farm owners and workers as well as with Grain merchants and Industrial grain facilities managers.  He has made many friends along the way.  He has been trying very hard to contact as many of them as possible – but for those that he could not I know that he wishes to pass on his many thanks for their help and cooperation over the years.

Peter will certainly be missed.  But we are extremely fortunate in that Neil Bainbridge now fully steps into the position of Northern UK Area Sales Manager which he has shared with Peter over the past 18 months since he joined us.  Already highly experienced in the industry from his time at JW Installations (Allmet Grain Driers) Neil has shown great aptitude in switching to a sales role.  Peter’s legacy is in safe hands.

Peter came down to the office last week with his wife Judith and we gave them a good send off!

On behalf of everyone here at Alvan Blanch I wish Peter and Judith all the best for a long, healthy and happy retirement as well as many thanks.

Yours sincerely,
The Alvan Blanch Development Co. Ltd.

Andrew Blanch  
Managing Director