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Overhung Disintegrator

Model: OD 11

Key Features

  • For fine grinding of a wide range of crops and minerals
  • High speed - up to 6000 rpm with beater cross type mill rotor
  • Size of the finished product determined by selection of perforated screen
  • Convenient stand arrangement with direct 'bagging' from mill
  • Heavy duty construction with cast iron body

Part of a wide range of specialist grinding equipment from Alvan Blanch

Beater Cross

Grinding is by a four arm beater cross of high grade steel alloy, heat treated for maximum hardness and strength. It revolves at between 4000 and 6000 rpm depending on model. the hammer blow shatters the material which passes through the screen for discharge.


The screen which is available in either perforated steel plate or as cast iron frame with steel cross bars forms the lower half of the grinding chamber. Perforated plates can be supplied in stainless steel, if requires. Bearings are lubricated ball and roller.


Overhung disintegrators are usually intended for dry grinding but are suitable for certain applications involving wet material under controlled conditions.

Collection of Product

All Alvan Blanch disintegrators are normally arranged with a sacking off cylinder but are all available for discharge into a pedestal stand and mounting over an underhopper.

Method of Feeding

When only small quantities are being ground a hand feed tray is usually most convenient. For large quantities feeding from a overhead bin via an electric feeder is recommended.


The capacity of the machine depends on the nature and condition of the material being ground, together the power available and screen size. The list below may be taken as a rough guide and shows outputs in kgs per hour, based on the model OD 18. The model OD 11 will give approximately half the quantity shown.

Model Beater Cross Speed Power Requirement
OD 11 6000 rpm 5.5 hp 4.0 kW
OD 18 4000 rpm 10hp 7.5 kW
Material Screen Mesh (mm) Approx. Kg/Hr Material Screen Mesh (mm) Approx. Kg/Hr
Aniseed 1.0 100 Manioc Root 1.0 330
Casein 1.0 30 Nutmegs 3.0 200
Charcoal 0.5 100 Pepper, Cayenne 1.0 50
Chicory 1.5 200 Quinnie Bark 0.5 70
Cinnamon 0.5 100 Resin 1.5 400
Colour Pigments Dependent on spec Senna Leaves 0.5 70
Derris root 0.5 12 Shellac 1.0 300
Ginger 0.5 80 Tapioca Root 1.0 250
Gum Karaya 1.5 115 Tobacco 0.5 35
Gum Tragacanth 0.5 25 Turmeric 0.5 50
Liquorice Root 0.5 25 Valonis (dried) 1.5 330