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Palm Fruit Processing


Palm Fruit Processing montageAlvan Blanch offer small scale plants (0.5t/h) as well as 3 tonne and 10 tonne per hour plants for small to medium scale industries.

Palm Fruit & Kernel processing of all sizes undergo the following operational stages

  • Bunch Reception
    • Fresh fruit arrives and the quantity is checked
  • Bunch Sterilization
    • Sterilization uses pressurized steam, this heat treatment serves several purposes whilst processing the fruit
  • Bunch Threshing
  • Fruit Digestion
    • The process of releasing the palm oil in the fruit through the rupture of the oil-bearing cells
  • Pulp Pressing - Palm Nuts & Fibre
    • Oil Extraction
    • Kernel Storage
    • Kernel Separation
    • Nut Cracking
    • Nut Drying - To release the kernels
    • Nut Recovery - The nuts are separated from the fibre
  • Oil Clarification
  • Oil Drying
  • Oil Packaging

Project Development

We have always attached a high level of importance to the provision of expert technical support to our clients. This starts right from the enquiry stage, when our technical sales engineers establish the exact nature of a projects requirements and use their experience to prepare a specific proposal to suit. After an order has been received, out project engineering department devise the detailed plant design and schedule of works. Supervision of installation, plant commissioning and training processes are usually performed on site by our own engineers.

  1. Initial enquiry
  2. Client meetings
  3. Detailed design
  4. Manufacturing
  5. Installation
  6. Commissioning
  7. Training

Through exporting to over 100 countries worldwide, we have acquired a rare degree of understanding of the very diverse nature of our clients requirements. Our customer orientated approach means that wherever you are located, and whether you are looking for a small plant or a large installation, we have the technology, the expertise, and the commitment to ensure that our system is designed to meet your needs.