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Plant Chopper

Model: D500 Plant Chopper

Key Features

  • For medicinal or aromatic herbs
  • Capacity up to 2500kg/hour of fresh plant
  • For Leaves, stems and small roots
  • Capable of chopping whole plant including roots up to 15mm dia.
  • Variable speed feed for convenient adjustment of cut length from 20-100cm
  • Product grip design feature ensures a very clean cut
  • Self contained unit - pre-wired to control panel

Part of the comprehensive range of high quality herb processing equipment from Alvan Blanch.


Generally used when fresh plant needs to be precision chopped prior to drying. Delivers a clean cut regular length material, which is essential if the crop is to be
processed after drying by an Alvan Blanch Pneumatic Leaf Separator.


The compact self-contained unit comprises these features:

  • Feed conveyor - PVC grip top belt - with independent drive and inverter for infinite variable speed control.
  • Compressor rolls at end of belt for positive grip on crop as it is fed into rotor to ensure clean cutting.
  • Cutting rotor with two hardened knives - adjustable fixed blade position to maintain precision cut.
  • Stones roller protects belt from small stones about (about 5mm dia.) that could over wise jam between conveyor belt and cutting block.
  • Tubular chassis with 2 x 80mm diameter castor wheels.
  • Motors pre-wired to control panel.


Fresh crop is manually laid on feed belt in a regular and even way, avoiding thick packets of crop, at the required depth. A feed table should be placed at the start of the feed belt to maximise efficiency. Cut crop is collected from under discharge chute. Depth of material is typically varied between 20mm (for drier/thicker stems etc.) to 40mm (most green plants). An output of 100Kg/hour can easily be achieved with a bed depth of only 20mm and a cut length of 50mm. Deeper material and a longer cut length worsens capacity.

Specifications Shipping Dimensions
Model Output from plant (Kg/hr) Rotor Width (mm) Drive Feed (kW) Rotor Drive (kW) Weight (kg) Overall Length (mm) Overall Width(mm) Discharge Height (mm) Feed Height (mm) Overall Height (mm)
D500 500 - 2500 500 0.38 2.2 400 2700 1050 550 840 1240