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Pneumatic Leaf Separator

Model: M60D Pneumatic Leaf Separator

For separating leaf from stem pieces on dry precut (<100 mm) herbs. Up to 120kg/hr of pre-cut plant.

Key Features

  • Two stage separation - primary separation of loose leaf, followed by stripping and then final separation.
  • Stripping drum 480 mm wide with rasp bars and concave.
  • Adjustable feed deflector plate.
  • Separation chambers with perforated screen, inspection panels and lamp.
  • Two-stage pressure equalisation in plenum chambers, with air from  backward curved centrifugal fans - with inverter speed control for precise airflow regulation and dust filter on intake.
  • Stems discharge outlet.
  • Leaf collection hopper with air separator dust hood in perforated stainless steel.
  • Dimensions:  2500 x 1200 x 1500
  • Weight:  537kg