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Processing Solutions

ln-house manufacture of most of our products allows us to ensure that our products meet high standards of quality and finish, and yet are competitively priced in world terms. Our 9,000 sq. m factory utilises the latest production and management systems, including CNC laser cutting, punching, pressing and machining. A dedicated and skilled work force gives us the flexibility to react to the new demands, special requirements and urgent schedules of our customers.

At Alvan Blanch, our commitment is to become the customer's first choice for post-harvest processing equipment like grain driers, exported to 90 countries across the world. This mission can only be accomplished through a combination of continuous service, open and honest communication, and the education of ourselves and our customers of the concepts and products that we provide.

Grain Drying & Ventilation

Efficient and safe post harvest protection of all types of grain and pulses up to 100 tonnes/hr.

Multi-Purpose Driers

Efficient and safe drying and post harvest protection of all non granular crops, forage, wood, fruit, roots, spices etc

Grain Handling & Storage

Storage, Silos and complete systems for mechanical handling of grain, pulses and all other products

Grain & Seed Cleaning

Cleaning of crops to commercial standards, including seed for multiplication

Feed Milling

On farm and commercial feed processing equipment and systems for all types of livestock

Grain & Pulse Processing

Processing of wheat, maize, sorghum and other grains and pulses into wholemeal, quality, refined flour, starch or grit

Vegetable Oil & Biodiesel

From village scale expellers to complete oil extraction plants for oil bearing crops, such as; rapeseed, sunflower; groundnut, soya, copra

Rice Processing

From small hullers to complete commercial scale processing plants for rice

Fruit Processing

Complete plants to process all types of fruit into juice, concentrate, jam and freshly prepared pieces, with packaging to suit

Specialist Processing

Primary and secondary processes of a range of crops; cassava and other roots, nuts, herbs and spices, sugar, honey and salt

Environmental & Organic Waste

Progressive solutions for converting animal and vegetable waste into useful by-products; compost, fertilizer, irrigation water, biofuel etc


For all types of produce, solids and liquids into most types of packaging including, sacks and small bags for solids, and sachets, cartons and bottles for liquids

Plant Services

For the generation of electricity and steam, or the control of dust etc. Monitoring facilities and laboratory equipment

General Farm Machinery

Effective and robust equipment for farmers and community groups

Harvesting & Shelling

Harvesting and shelling small scale equipment for most crops

Coffee & Cocoa Processing

From small hullers to complete commercial scale processing plants for coffee

Cassava & Tuber Processing

Cassava and Tuber processing systems for a variety of end products

Herbs & Spices Processing

Equipment for processing medicinal and aromatic herbs and spices