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Seed Treater

Model: SF6 (single outlet)

Key Features

  • Handles all modern liquid chemical dressings
  • Thorough mixing action for full coverage of seed
  • Easily adjusted flow rates - seed and dressing
  • Pre-wired and mobile to suite temporary operation
  • Two models - capacities 6 t/hr
  • Reliable and accurate in operation
  • Fully automatic control and safety system
  • Supplied complete with 100 litre container


The new Alvan Blanch range of seed treaters have been designed primarily for on-farm use but can also be incorporated within fixed or mobile seed processing plants of modest scale. They have been developed with the full and active co-operation of a major agrochemical manufacturer and have been tested on a range of modern dressings.


The Seed Treaters incorporate a large diameter ‘U’ trough mixing chamber in heavy gauge steel, with removable galvanised steel lid and lower end clean-out door and a mixing rotor fitted with a series of inclined crescent paddles. A large feed hopper (extendable for bulk feed applications) incorporates a stainless steel outlet section for consistency of flow. The feed control device has a screw adjustment graduated scale with set position recovery quick shut-off device, incorporating a pump override switch. A probe detects grain flow.

Treated seed is conveniently discharged via a two-way bagging attachment with quick release holders. The variable speed displacement pump, which is mounted on a 100 litre moulded polypropylene chemical reserve tank, incorporates a graduated adjustment device. A manual agitator allows chemicals to be stirred in the tank. A reinforced flexible pipe delivers chemical to the injection nozzle.

Mixing chamber drive, pump and all switches are pre-wired back to a mounted control panel, featuring safety interlocked protection systems giving automatic shutdown in case of no grain, no chemical or nozzle blockage. A single-phase socket on the panel allows instant connection to a power source. Both pump and mixing chamber have single-phase motors.


A regulated flow of chemical is applied to the seed as it is fed from the feed hopper at a pre-set rate. Guidance on settings is given in the manual for each crop type. The action of the mixing chamber – in which seed continually tumbles back as well as being conveyed upwards – ensures a thorough coating of the seed.

Optional Equipment

Hopper Extension: To permit bulk feed operation.

Mixing Chamber Extension: So that discharge can be at a higher level for feeding of big bags.

Three-Phase Drive: To mixing chamber.

Stationary Versions: With floor standing frame.

Stainless Steel Construction: For special applications such as the treating of salt with iodine solution (for which a special pump is also required).

Models Rated Capacity Main Drive Dimensions mts (2) Shipping spec
(1) kg/hr kw L W H FH BH m3 kgs
ST6 6000 1.1 2160 1350 750 1040 965 5.5 500
ST6L 6000 1.5 2227 1350 910 1950 1110 5.5 500


  1. Capacity will vary depending on the crop
  2. Dimensions are nominal. Column FH represents height of feed hopper, while BH gives the bagging height