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Vladimir Lastochkin, Gorkinskoye Limited, Russia

Vladimir Lastochkin, Gorkinskoye Limited, Russia

"I like to buy new machinery and I’m not afraid from new technologies. Before I have decided to buy Alvan Blanch drier I was considering many options.   What I like about this drier is its simple operation and flexibility. I can dry uncleaned grain on this drier with any initial moisture.

Drier working also partially as a pre cleaner, when light particles are blown out from back of the drier and I can use it for animal feed later. Drier doesn’t need any foundations and you can see and feel actual drying process.

It is also very fuel efficient, we are using LPG Gas for drying and I spent 100 – 140 RUB on drying one tonne of grain, depending on the moisture. I’m very happy with this machine, it is much better than the drier we were working on previous years. I definitely would buy Alvan Blanch drier again." 

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Vladimir Lastochkin, Director, Gorkinskoye Limited

Product: DF22000 Double Flow Grain Drier

Location: Novosibirsk region. Russia